Solar Street Lighting systems

Our street lighting systems are designed to work under severe environmental duress and have a proven track record of performance. Ranging from 9 WP to 36 WP LED street lights and 11 WP CFL models we have a scalable chain of modules as per MNRE Specifications. Designed to perform in the harshest known climatic conditions on Earth, they are eco-friendly right from the manufacturing stage upto the commissioning stage. We use the most efficient charging and discharging electronics for battery management. Our street lights will light up even in cloudy and rainy weather conditions and also Certified by CPRI.

Intelligent Sensor Smart Solar LED/CFL Street Light

Salient Features

  • Independent Power Source

  • Controlled Charging & discharging to prolong battery life

  • Automatic dusk to dawn operation

  • Highly reliable and best quality PV modules

  • Eco-friendly (no fossil fuel,no pollution)

  • Designed to operate in rough weather conditions

  • MNRE Approved

  • Metal bodies are powder coated for protection from environment