Solar PV Modules

  • Our modules are made using the highest quality of solar cells which are sourced from renowned & best suppliers in the world.

  • Superior reliability with IP65 protection in all junction boxes with Bypass Diodes as per EN 50548:2011+A1 standard for 35W and above, modules with a system voltage of 1000V

  • Cells Protected by high transmittance, low-Iron Fully tempered glass with anti-reflective coating to improve light transmission and a layer of Tedlar and EVA to laminate (protects from environmental damage).

  • Anodized Aluminum frame with screw less frame for high mechanical strength to protect the laminate and provide base for mounting structure.

  • IP67 rated MC4 Compatible prewired connectors.

These modules are made from high quality materials. The tests we conduct on the raw materials, which include Mono or Poly Crystalline Cells, Hardened glass, Anodized Aluminium, Encapsulant, TPT back sheet, Copper ribbons, Junction boxes, Cables, RTV, Ingress barrier tape are above the TUV and IEC standards to ensure that we deliver world class products. Once you install them then there is no scope for worry.